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April 2014 - BTE develops a new compact, 1000m-rated high-output, battery-operated LED lighting system for deep sea biologists at the Florida State University Coastal & Marine Laboratory. The new lights, called "Lanternfish", are programmable to turn on at preset times based on a user-defined schedule. Used in concert with housed GoPro HD video cameras, Lanternfish LED lights will allow researchers to perform low-cost time-lapse video recording at depth. The lights contain an internal Lithium-Ion battery that provides up to 8 hours of continuous illumination and is rechargeable and programmable via an on-board USB port.

June 2013 - BTE delivers and field-trials its new unmanned Pegasus Lander System off the coast of Stradbroke Island, Australia with collaborators from at the Australian Oceanographics Foundation and The University of Queensland.

May 2013 - BTE develops new Microspectrophotometer (MSP) and Electrophysiology (EPhys) systems, used by the UQ Sensory Neurobiology Group to conduct marine vision research.

May 2013 - BTE delivers a 3500psi-rated aluminum pressure test chamber to the University of Queensland.

May 2013 -
BTE delivers the Lagoon Cam, a shallow water unobtrusive video recording system for studying fauna in Florida's Indian River Lagoon, to researchers at the Ocean Research & Conservation Association

April 2013 -
BTE delivers six diver-held Coral Recruitment Sensors to the UQ Marine Spatial Ecology Lab.

January 2013 -
Footage of the Giant Squid captured by BTE's Medusa Lander is featured in the season finale of The Discovery Channel's acclaimed documentary series, Curiosity. Episode trailer: Monster Squid: The Giant is Real.

January 2013 -
BTE secures contract with The UQ Marine Spatial Ecology Lab to design and develop a compact diver-held sensor package for studying coral reefs.

September 2012 - BTE delivers far-red LED lighting to researchers at The University of Hawaii

September 2012 - BTE field-trials its new compact 2000m-rated Satellite Locator & Telemetry Beacon, and sends real-time wave-sensor data from TNC Oceanographic's Ocean Avenue monitoring station


August 2012 - The Medusa unmanned video lander system, developed by Blue Turtle Engineering and The University of Queensland, and operated by the Ocean Research & Conservation Association, captured the first ever video footage of the legendary Giant Squid (Architeuthis Dux) alive in its natural habitat.

In a joint expedition sponsored by NHK and The Discovery Channel, an international team of scientists, engineers, and crew, ventured to Japan's Ogasawara Islands in a quest to finally see the Giant Squid face-to-face. Armed with an array of technology, including ships, manned submersibles, and unmanned video systems, this groundbreaking event included over 400 hours of submersible dives down to 3000 feet deep, and yielded nearly a half-hour of footage of this elusive denizen of the deep.

"We at Blue Turtle Engineering, are proud to have been a part of this remarkable discovery, and are honored to have worked with such an exceptional team of scientists and engineers in the development of the Medusa Lander. We also applaud the extraordinary team of scientists, crew, and filmmakers who made this expedition a success." - Lee Frey, President & CEO, Blue Turtle Engineering, LLC.

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June 2012 -
BTE secures contract with The University of Queensland to design and develop a new lightweight, low-cost video lander system for deep sea scientific research.

April 2012 -
BTE works with the Ocean Research & Conservation Association and the Cape Eleuthera Institute to deploy unmanned deep sea cameras in the Exuma Sound

October 2011 -
BTE secures engineering and operations contract with Queensland, Australia-based Australian Oceanographics, Pty. Ltd.