BTE Products

Blue Turtle Engineering has developed a wide array of technologies for ocean exploration and marine research. Below is just a sampling of our active products. Custom variants and feature enhancements are available on all of our products upon request. BTE can also design and purpose-build vehicles, instruments, or other technologies to meet your specific needs.

Lanternfish Programmable LED Lights

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The Lanternfish is a compact, 1000m-rated, battery-powered programmable LED light. Integral electronics provide LED variable-brightness control and battery charging circuitry, along with an intervalometer which allows the user to create pre-programmed lighting schedules. Lanternfish contains an on-board real-time clock, and interfaces to a PC via USB for charging, clock setting, and configuration using a Windows-based application. This allows the light schedule to be synchronized with external timed cameras and sensors without the need for cables or connectors. Standard configuration is a 120-degree beam with 235 lumen output @ 5650K (cool white), but other colors are available. DATASHEET

ROV / HOV Telemetry & Control System

Blue Turtle Engineering has developed a real-time Ethernet-based telemetry and control system for ROVs and manned submersibles (HOVs). The system utilizes a robust PLC backbone, a touchscreen graphical user interface (GUI / HMI), and expandable I/O. It is highly customizable, and features seamless sensor integration, intuitive navigational display, and autopilot functions. The BTE control system is currently implemented on the Nemesis and Panther-class ROVs and two Deep Worker manned submersibles. It has been approved for manned submersible classification by Lloyd's Registry, UK. DATASHEET

Iris Solar Satellite Locator/Telemetry Beacon with Strobe

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The Iris is a compact, 2000m-rated battery operated satellite locator beacon with integrated strobe and solar battery charger. Using the Globalstar satellite network and an on-board GPS receiver, the Iris beacon transmits its current position via email and/or SMS text message. The Iris can also function as a SBD (short burst data) telemetry system, attaching 42-byte custom data payloads to each message. The integrated solar battery charger means virtually unlimited runtime. A daylight-sensing LED strobe light can be seen from 3+ miles, aiding nighttime recovery, and an onboard seawater switch puts the unit to sleep while submerged. DATASHEET

Coral Recruitment Sensor

The CRS is a low-cost, compact, battery-operated, diver-held sensor package for measuring coral polyp recruitment parameters in small reef crevices, down to 5mm in width. Rated to 60m, and containing no moving parts, the CRS logs time-stamped depth, temperature, flow, and light (PAR) data at 1Hz onto a microSD card. An integrated OLED display provides visual feedback to the operator, and a magnetic switch allows underwater operation. DATASHEET

Medusa Lander

Blue Turtle Engineering, working with some of the world's foremost deep sea biologists, has been instrumental in the pioneering development of several unmanned systems for unobtrusive observation of the deep sea. In 2012, the Medusa Lander became the first camera system to ever record the legendary Giant Squid (Architeuthis due) alive in the wild. See the full story HERE. The Medusa is a 2000m-rated autonomous video and instrumentation lander with high payload capacity, a modular frame, and an acoustically-actuated sacrificial drop-weight release mechanism, allowing recovery from the surface. An extremely low-light (0.0001lux or lower) video camera, all solid-state electronics, LiIon batteries, and far-red lighting make this an ideal system for unobtrusive observation of deep sea habitats. Up to 48 hours of continuous video, audio, and ancillary oceanographic data (CTD, PAR, etc) recording can be acquired on a flash-memory card. Longer missions can be achieved using scheduled or triggered recording modes. DATASHEET

Pegasus Lander

The Pegasus is a low-cost, lightweight, unmanned lander system, which inherits from Medusa technology. Designed for rapid deployments from small boats, Pegasus operates to 1000m (2000m optional), recording video, audio, and ancillary oceanographic data continuously for up to 24 hours (longer with scheduled or triggered recordings). A computer-timed drop-weight mechanism with failsafe guarantees autonomous recovery. Prior to deployment, users can configure Pegasus missions via an iPhone or iPad. Once back at the surface, an integrated Iris Locator ensures accurate location. The system can be collapsed into a medium-sized Pelican Case and a large duffel bag for easy transport. DATASHEET

Portable Pressure Test Chamber

BTE has developed a small, portable, bench top pressure chamber for quick and easy high-pressure testing of subsea devices. The chamber has a maximum working pressure of 3500psi (2400m), an internal envelope of 24"L x 6"dia, and is made of anodized aluminum with high-strength steel tension members. Threaded holes are provided for electrical ands mechanical penetrators, and pressure is achieved via a hand-actuated stainless-steel hydraulic pump with a NIST-traceable digital pressure gauge. DATASHEET

Self-Recording Camera System

Medusa and Pegasus deepwater camera systems are configured with ultra-low-light (0.00001lux) auto-color-switching cameras @ 600TVL resolution. They are housed in 2000m-rated, 14"Lx5.5"dia anodized aluminum cylinders with120-degree conical acrylic viewports, MCBH electrical connectors, and vacuum/backfill fittings. Self-logging is accomplished via an onboard DVR. Optional sensors, internal batteries, and drop-weight release mechanisms can be incorporated into the configuration. Control, setup, and download is accomplished via USB or Ethernet. An optional WiFi interface with iPhone/iPad application is also available. DATASHEET

Lithium-Ion Battery Pod

Medusa-series rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pods utilize Medusa-series 2000m-rated, 14"Lx5.5"dia aluminum pressure housings with solid end caps. Each battery pod can supply approx 400Wh of regulated electrical power (5/12/24V @ 3-5A). Multiple pods can be daisy-chained to increase system capacity. All batteries are over charge/discharge protected and a safety pressure-relief port is incorporated into the pressure housing. DATASHEET

Lagoon Cam

The Lagoon Cam is a small low-cost, shallow-water (50m), ultra-low-light video recording system with integrated LED lighting and a LiIon battery pack. Utilizing many off-the-shelf components, the Lagoon Cam can record video continuously for up to 20 hours onto a 64GB SD Card, and provides a 2.5" LCD screen for user viewing. The Lagoon Cam is ideal for overnight monitoring of shallow-water experiments or habitats. DATASHEET

Laboratory Microspectrophotmeter (MSP) System

Blue Turtle Engineering has developed a laboratory microspectrophotmeter (MSP) control and acquisition system which can be utilized for retinal absorbance scans on both vertebrate and invertebrate eyes. Custom optics and electronics can be developed, or the software can be used for existing optical setups. With scan times of <10 sec from 800-300-800nm, and acquisition rates of 100ksps, the Blue Turtle MSP is the fastest, most feature-rich MSP system available. DATASHEET

LED Lighting

Developed for the Medusa and Pegasus Landers, BTE now offers compact, low-cost, 2000m-rated LED lighting solutions in far-red (690nm), blue (470nm), and daylight white (6500K) color temperatures. These lights are ideal for low-cost, low-power, deep applications, particularly where unobtrusive (far-red), or bioluminescence-emulating (blue) lighting is required. DATASHEET